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Call Leads connect you directly with clients

August 1, 2017

As August marks the end of the summer months, we know you and your firm are probably busier than ever. Let us take some of the work off your hands when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Our team works diligently day and night to generate quality referrals delivered directly to your inbox. While you may receive referrals for only one practice area, did you know we offer referrals for DUI/DWI, Traffic Tickets, Mass Torts, SSDI, Work Comp, Divorce, Personal Injury, Auto Accident and more? Let our team work with you to build a campaign to generate more referrals for your firm and help to put you in contact with more potential clients and grow your business. For more information or to get more referrals each month, contact our team today.


Call Leads connect you directly with clients
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Did you know Legal Brand Marketing offers live call leads that connect you on the phone directly with potential clients? These call leads are exclusive and put you in immediate communication with an individual seeking legal representation. Our clients have found adding these call leads to their email lead campaigns increase their opportunities to sign new clients and grow their practice. We offer call leads for all practice areas, nationwide. Contact Alessandra today for more information on our live call leads or to add these leads to your campaign.
Add Traffic Ticket Referrals for only $20 per lead!
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If you haven’t added traffic tickets to your account yet, it’s not too late! These high volume quality leads are helping our attorneys gain new clients and grow their business every day. Traffic ticket referrals start at only $20 a lead and counties are filling up fast! Contact us today to see if your territory is still available and to add this to your current lead campaigns.
Social Security Disability Referrals
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Legal Brand Marketing is now offering exclusive SSDI referrals nationwide. These exclusive referrals will go to only one attorney per county and are starting at the low price of only $40 per valid referral. We have a great amount of volume on these leads and counties are going fast. If you are interested in receiving these referrals for your area, contact us now before your competition does. Again these referrals will go to only one attorney per county so act now!
Don’t miss a referral again!
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The most effective way to convert potential new clients into signed clients is by contacting your lead immediately after receiving the referral with their contact information. The longer you wait to connect with the PNC, the more likely they are to reach out to your competition while they wait. We understand that you may be in court or unable to answer your emails at times. Because of this, we allow you to have your email leads go to as many email addresses as you would like so you never have to miss a lead again! We also offer the option to have your leads come via text message for times when you cannot immediately check your email. Contact our team if you would like to add any additional email recipients or a number for text leads to your account.