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Learn more about Legal Brand Marketing’s companies and websites and see how our variety of specialties can work for you! is a site designed to help accused drunk drivers learn more about the charges against them and locate expert legal help. is a directory of skilled local defense attorneys who will work to develop a defense strategy designed to resolve each driver’s DUI / DWI case.

 is a FREE service for the driver, no fees, no monthly dues, and no hidden charges. We match you to a local traffic ticket lawyer for any type of moving violations including a DUI. We are the leading national legal service directory specializing in all moving violations and other criminal driving issues.


booksOur series of DUI books are perfect for those who are looking for way to fight their DUI charges. These books are filled with information and step-by-step guides for navigating the process after a DUI. No matter where you’ve been arrested, we have information that will help ease your fears.





New-LBD-logoLegal Brand Domains is the leading source in legal domains.  Whether you’re targeting a specific area of practice or legal category, Legal Brand Domains has the right domain for you.  For more information, visit our Legal Brand Domains page or visit
 is the leading provider of all things science fiction. Whether you’re interested in a recap of your favorite TV show or want to know if your favorite comic is being into a movie, is the place to be.