Direct Mailing

Reaching the People Who Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer



Direct mailing is essential

People may think mailings are a thing of the past, but the truth it is the most direct way for you to reach a potential client. By the time a referral picks up the phone to contact you, chances are they were probably already contacted by 20 other attorneys via the mail. How do you stand out from that?

This is where Legal Brand Marketing’s direct mailing services can help you. As publishers of magazines, we will showcase you as an expert in your area of practice.


Distinguish yourself and your firm

Legal Brand Marketing publishes and distributes the DUI Report, the DUI Report ASAP, the Arrest Report, the Narcotics Report and e-versions of all these magazines. In the pile of envelopes a person receives from attorneys, your magazine will stand out.

Our magazines not only provide a comprehensive article on your career and legal insight, it also provides offenders with helpful information on what can happen if they don’t hire an attorney and what they can expect in court and beyond. Seeing that you endorse this helpful magazine will encourage more people to pick up the phone and call you.


Entire mailing process taken care of for you

Not only does Legal Brand Marketing publish magazines marketing you, we also take care of distribution. Legal Brand Marketing has access to data that includes the mailing addresses of people looking for criminal defense attorneys. With that, we publish and mail out these magazines and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Find out how Legal Brand Marketing can provide you with the publicity you need to attract clients with our direct mailing services.