Top tips for successfully converting your legal leads

April 1, 2019

Legal leads are a great addition to any attorney’s marketing campaign. Not only do they directly connect you with potential clients in need of your services, but they also allow you to know the details of their legal situation before you make your first introduction. Whether you are a seasoned attorney that has been receiving legal leads for years or if this is your first time working with referrals, below are some important tips and suggestions for the best ways to convert your leads into paying clients.

1. Time is of the essence – It may seem obvious, but you need to respond to the lead as soon as possible after you receive the email. These potential clients are scared and worried about their legal matter. They have been searching online and when they submit their information they are expecting to be contacted immediately. If you take too long to respond to the lead, they will continue their search elsewhere. If you know that you will be in court or unavailable to respond to leads immediately, it is important to designate an additional contact to receive a copy of your referrals. At Legal Brand Marketing, we allow you to add as many additional email addresses as you would like to receive leads.

2. Don’t be afraid to follow up – You received a lead and responded immediately with a call and email however were unable to connect with the potential client. At this point, it is important to make sure to schedule your follow up activity for this lead and stick to the plan. Sometimes a potential client has filled out their information while at work and is unable to take the call. Sometimes they are in a public area where they are unable to discuss their legal situation. Whatever the cause, these individuals have submitted their information because they need your services. Don’t give up in your attempts to get in touch with through emails, texts, and calls. Remember, they requested to be contacted by you so don’t give up trying to connect.

3. Be ready to sell yourself – You’ve made a connection with the lead and have them in a conversation. While you know that they are in need of an attorney, you need to be ready to convince them that YOU are the best attorney for their legal needs. Prepare ahead by reviewing their case notes from the lead and be ready with examples of how you can best help with the specifics of their legal case.

4. Be Flexible – It’s time for the lead to decide if you are the attorney that they would like to hire. It’s important to come across and flexible, not pushy when you are trying to close the lead. Ask them their concerns or if they have any hesitations that would factor into their decision. Take the time to address each of their concerns and work to find solutions to overcome any of the obstacles they have presented. At the end of the day, it is crucial that they feel you are on their team when they are making this decision, not just trying to close another client for the retainer.

While this is just a shortlist of some of the top tips to closing legal referrals, we hope it helps you in converting your legal leads. If at any point you have questions or would like to work with one of our lead specialists on your intake process, please contact our team to schedule a call today.