Sami Azhari

Legal Brand Marketing has been great since they day I signed up with them. Mike Mattio was extremely patient and helpful in explaining everything to me and letting me know the different plans they had to offer. I jumped on the opportunity and I sign up several cases per month at a minimum. Their team is great with working out any issues that may arise and I plan on being with them for a long time. They are fair, honest, dependable, and very easy to get a hold of. Any attorney looking to grow or expand their client base would be wise to turn to Legal Brand Marketing.


Chris Seufert

Best return on investment for advertising dollars we have ever seen.


Jonah Dickstein

Nice staff, good leads, reasonable return policy. Pleasure working with them.


Brian Manchester

I love this company. The help they gave me on the marketing letters alone has led to $400,000.00 plus a year.


Adam Russell

LBM is the original and best, the true leader in OUI leads by county across the nation.


Jonah D

Great way to find a good Traffic Ticket lawyer in your area to get it dismissed or reduced. Saves time and money. No hassle. I have seen it work many times.