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The Benefits of Sharing Conversion Data with Lead Generators

Did you know sharing your case conversion data with us can lead to more signed cases? Let us explain. 

It’s important to understand what lead generation looks like from the perspective of the lead generator. At any given moment, lead generators are running multiple campaigns from as many ad networks, social media platforms, and unique partnerships in order to populate their clients’ accounts with quality leads. The thing is, not all lead channels are created equal. When we receive feedback from clients, it will commonly be about leads not converting. Very rarely do we receive ongoing feedback on the leads that are converting which is the piece of information that can help firms the most. 

Our team at Legal Brand Marketing is singularly focused on providing the best service to our clients that we possibly can. We optimize campaigns based on the feedback from our clients.  However, without case conversion data we are forced to optimize around contact rates and lead validation tools, where alone doesn’t necessarily mean the lead is likely to close

Quality and Volume

In the world of lead generation, there are two units of measurement for gauging the effectiveness of a campaign: quality and volume. Across the spectrum of channels that your lead generator is utilizing, both of those measurements vary greatly. However, without the useful context that could be provided by a law firm’s conversion data, that lead generator is investing equal amounts of attention across all available channels, since there is no indication of which campaign is leading to conversions for the client. Wouldn’t it be preferable to know your lead generator is providing your firm with leads from a channel that is leading to the highest rates of conversions? We think it would be.

Trimming the Fat

Imagine that your law firm converted a lead that was garnered via a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. By informing your lead generator of that successful conversion, you have signaled to your provider that an increase in bidding on the specific term that resulted in that lead would be useful.

Perhaps a different lead, which converted into a signed case, came from one of your lead generator’s various partnerships. As long as your lead generator was made aware of that success, then they could begin to negotiate for more volume from that partnership, resulting in an increase in business for your firm.

With enough data, your lead generator can optimally evaluate your campaign in order to generate more leads for your business, while “trimming the fat” by reducing, or even preventing, volume from less effective channels and partnerships.

The Benefits of Sharing Conversion Data With Legal Brand Marketing

Everyone appreciates a list, right? To bring the importance of sharing your conversion data with lead generators into perspective, here are a few of the benefits of working more closely with your lead generator:

1. More Cases Means More Business

Your firm wants to convert as many leads into signed cases as possible. Our team at Legal Brand Marketing gets that. However, by taking the extra step of sharing your conversion data with lead generator, you are giving your lead provider the opportunity to help you reach that vaunted end result: As much business as your law firm can handle.

2. Spend Time Now, Save Time Later

Perhaps the thought of gathering your conversion data is a step too far. We understand. You already have to practice law, the idea of adding a task as menial as sharing your conversion data is simply out of the question.

Allow us to convince you otherwise. Our team at Legal Brand Marketing is strongly incentivized to enable your firm’s success. Whatever benefits your business is what benefits our own. By spending the small amount of time required to culminate and share your conversion data, you allow us to better optimize your campaign and provide you with high-quality leads, allowing you to focus less on business development and more on practicing law.

3. Help Us to Help You

When it comes to lead generators, it is in everyone’s best interest to enable each other’s success by maintaining a steady flow of leads and high lead quality.

Unfortunately, in spite of a myriad of filters and question sets, some low quality leads will always slip through the cracks. At Legal Brand Marketing, we want to ensure that we minimize that result as much as possible.

Help us to help you. By sharing your conversion data, we can foster a thriving partnership that helps your law firm to grow. The more information that your law firm is willing to share, the better the quality of what we can send.

Everyone wins.

How Do You Share Your Conversion Data With Legal Brand Marketing?

Perhaps you’ve been convinced of the value of sharing your conversion data with lead generators up to this point. If so, then we look forward to working further with you to grow your firm. There is, of course, the question of “how?” There are 3 ways that you can share conversion data with us. 

1st way to share conversion data: Within LBM Client Portal

You can log them by changing the Current Status of the lead to “Closed” in your LBM Client Platform. Take a close look at the following images to see exactly how you can start sharing your conversion data with lead generators, enabling us to optimize your campaign.

  1. In the LBM Client Platform, find the tab on the left called “My Leads” and click it. Photo of the LBM client platform portal
  2. Determine your practice area under “My Leads”. In this example, we’re looking at “Auto Accident”. Once you’ve located your practice area, click on the blue Lead ID button.Photo of the My Leads section in the LBM portal
  3. In the pop-up window, identify the state of the lead you selected under “Current Status”. If the status is closed, then you can send a status report to your client representative at Legal Brand Marketing.Photo of the Lead Portion in the LBM portalPhoto continued of the Lead Section of the LBM portal

2nd way to share conversion data: Automatic API Connection

You can reach out to your account manager and request an API call from your CRM to our leads portal which will automatically update the Current Status whenever it is updated in your case management system. 

3rd way to share conversion data: Share a List of Your Conversions 

You can share either a list or screenshots of the leads you have converted from Legal Brand Marketing with your account manager.

When Should I Start Sharing Conversion Data with Legal Brand Marketing?

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to begin sharing your conversion data with lead generators as quickly as possible. The information that you will be providing will enable us to optimize our campaigns, saving you time, increasing your business, and improving campaign success in the future after ongoing optimizations.

Our team at Legal Brand Marketing is committed to the success of our clients. While we will work tirelessly to ensure that we provide the highest quality leads we possibly can, remember how critical your contribution can be to your own firm’s growth.

Reach out to your client representative at Legal Brand Marketing if you have any questions. Let’s work together to improve your campaign and to take your legal practice to the next level.