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Gen Z changing legal landscape

Gen-Z is Changing the Legal Landscape

Every few years, we hear some story about how the younger generation is going to change how the practice of law happens: the younger demographics are going to force the legal industry out of the dark ages, move everything to digital and online, eliminate paperwork and pinstripe suits, yada yada yada. Is GenZ different? Maybe. […]


Post-pandemic Divorce Spike

It has been a running joke since the beginning of the lockdowns, but spending all of that time locked in a house with one’s spouse really does seem to have had the presumed effect we all laughed about: divorce rates are on the rise. There are few busier attorneys right now than divorce lawyers. To […]

competitor bidding google ads

Competitor Bidding in Google Ads

When it comes to paid advertising channels, there are few better than Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords). Why? Consider this: where else can you put your ad right in front of someone who is already searching for the service that you offer? The phone book? Ha! But, many lawyers are dismayed to discover upon […]