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tips to stay current legal consumer trends

When it comes to legal consumers, their behavior, expectations, and habits are continuously evolving. Consumers have shifted from picking up the phone and calling a law office for legal advice to searching the internet for information and guidance regarding their legal matter. Where word of mouth was a primary generator of new business in the past, now many potential clients research your firm online through your website, online reviews, and legal marketing services before making their decision to reach out to discuss their case. It is important to make sure your firm is evolving to keep up with ever-changing consumer habits so that you do not miss potential business by being outdated. Below are 3 factors to help your business keep up with current consumer trends.

Utilize Technology to Connect with Potential Clients

Today’s potential clients communicate much differently than they did a decade ago. With cellphones in the pocket of most adults, potential clients often opt for convenience in how they communicate. If you receive a lead and the potential client doesn’t answer your return call, follow up with a text and/or an email. Many people shy away from connecting on the telephone in a live conversation for their initial interaction, and a simple text could make the difference in turning a lead into a signed client.

Have a Modern and Effective Web Presence

Have you updated your website in the past 3 years? If not, now is the time to do so. When a potential client visits your site, they may be turned off by stale graphics or a basic website template. If your website looks like you are not current with the times, it may cast a shadow of doubt in the potential client’s mind that you would be current enough to address their pending legal matter. Is the content on your website up-to-date and reflect recent changes or additions to your firm? Do you have a strong domain that solidifies your expertise in your field? With technology changing so quickly and evolving consumer expectations from their online experience, it is important to make sure your potential client views you as an attorney that stays on top of the changing times by providing them with the interface and online experience they have come to expect.

Take Advantage of Lead Generation Services

Nowadays, many consumers would rather save time and fill out a centralized form to have attorneys contact them directly rather than research attorney websites and fill out multiple forms for information. Because of this, we have seen a substantial increase in potential clients utilizing legal lead generation services to connect them with an attorney to discuss their case. Legal lead generation services, such as  Legal Brand Marketing, utilize years of tested and tried legal marketing techniques to make it easy for a potential client to connect directly with an attorney to discuss their legal matter. Not only does a legal lead generation service save you time and money in your marketing efforts, but it also allows you and your team to focus on converting individuals looking for an attorney into signed clients rather than finding the clients on your own.

Legal Brand Marketing is Here to Help

At LBM, we not only offer legal lead emails but also offer live transfer leads that connect a potential client directly on the phone with your office during your business hours. We also offer a variety of practice areas for referrals including Auto Accident, DUI/DWI, Social Security Disability, Work Comp and so much more. Along with legal referrals, we also have an extensive collection of premium legal domains to help improve your branding and provide you with a more modern and memorable address for your website. Contact our team today to learn more about our live call leads, premium legal domains, and additional practice areas, and let Legal Brand Marketing help keep you current with the modern legal consumer trends.