3 Ways to Stand out to Potential Clients - Legal Brand Marketing

There are a few strategies you can use to tighten and refine that message to improve your lead conversion. By optimizing your firm’s message, you will not only highlight the value of your firm over others, but you will inspire excitement about what you have to offer to potential clients.

Highlight Your Firm’s Unique Service Features

Firms in a similar practice area start to appear the same to potential leads, which is why it’s important to highlight what sets your firm apart from your competitors.  Many firms have stellar case results and have been practicing law for several years, so relying on this might not be as effective. Think about what makes you better than competing law firms and what your firm offers that others don’t. Whether your business focuses on one specific area of law, or your client onboarding process is the most streamlined in the industry, highlighting the differences between you and other firms can be what leads use as the deciding factor when retaining a lawyer. Once you determine the unique features of your business, incorporate that in your message to potential clients.

Tailor Your Message to Reflect The Lead’s Needs

Templates are a great way to streamline your outreach process and can even be used to sign new cases; however, using the same template for all leads can have the opposite effect. Chances are, the lead has been contacted by other firms and has received an email or text with a similar message to yours. With multiple firms sending the same message to one lead, your message is most likely fading in the pile of emails, calls, and texts. Tailoring your message to the lead’s location and the legal issue can go a long way. Potential clients want to feel valued and want to make sure their attorney will meet their needs. Incorporating the lead’s full name in the subject line or mentioning the weather conditions in their city will stand out more to them than a templated message.

Craft a Personalized Narrative that Resonates with Potential Leads

Consider your brand’s purpose and mission and use them to create a story that will resonate with potential leads. Standard business and marketing wording may seem to be the easiest strategy, but many people hear and see these pitches frequently. A personalized narrative about why your firm is dedicated to the work it does and how it could help the lead in his/her specific situation will be more effective than a generic message with a range of case results or testimonials. Use your brand pitch to tell a story about your company and the people behind it, and then incorporate your lead in the story, detailing what the legal process will be for him/her and what the outcome can be if you are retained.

Lead Conversion Takeaways

  • Identify your firm’s unique service features. What set’s your firm apart from all the other law firms?
  • Avoid using the same generic message for all potential leads. Tailoring your message to include your target audience will perform better than a blanket message.
  • Personalize your message by incorporating the potential client in your narrative