Adapting Your Practice to a Digital World - Legal Brand Marketing

While businesses across the country are changing the way that they operate in response to the recent coronavirus pandemic, we are fortunate to live in a time full of a variety of digital options to allow a business to continue to carry on, even remotely. As we transition to doing business while stay-at-home orders are in place, Legal Brand Marketing is here to help you find ways to adapt your practice and continue to grow your client base with your legal referrals during this unique time.

Don’t Negate Your Intake Process

Transitioning to working remotely comes with many changes to your daily routine, but one of those changes should not be the priority that you give to your intake process. Now more than ever it is important to make sure you are responding to your inbound leads as quickly as possible to connect with the potential client. These potential clients are most likely at home as well and want to connect with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss their case and their options as they move forward.

Consider Adding Live Call Leads

With many courthouses temporarily postponed throughout the country, some attorneys are finding that they have more availability to answer calls throughout the day than they used to.  If you haven’t already, now is the perfect opportunity to add live calls to your marketing campaign as these leads connect you directly on the phone with a potential client looking to discuss the details of their case. With many of these potential clients at home thinking about their legal situation, they are eager to speak with an attorney to know their options and how they can best be ready to move forward once the courts are back in session.

Embrace Virtual Consultations

Even though your offices may be closed to taking meetings with potential clients in-person, many tools exist to allow you to do virtual consultations and meetings online. Programs such as Skype and Zoom provide a private virtual space to meet with potential clients in an online setting where you can video chat to discuss your services, how you can assist them with their case and allow you the opportunity to answer any questions they may have. Given the heightened sense of stress many people are experiencing during this time, being able to see the face of the attorney can be a very reassuring and comforting factor for a potential client when making their decision of which attorney they would like to hire for their case.

Move to Digital Contracts

As we have moved into a new digital world, your contracts should reflect the times. Offering your potential new clients the option to sign your agreement digitally allows you to finalize the terms and convert the lead to a client, even if you cannot meet face to face. This will allow for a fluid transition from lead to a signed client when in-person meetings are not an option, giving you the ability to have an instantly filed contract rather than waiting for it to be mailed or faxed back to your office.

Legal Brand Marketing is Here to Help

We understand that these times are new, and many firms are still in the process of navigating the best options for their practice to adapt to operating virtually. If you have any questions about how to best utilize the tools that are available to help with converting your leads to clients during these changing times, or if you would like to take this opportunity to add live call leads to your campaign, feel free to reach out to your account representative to discuss your options.  We are here to help you make the most of your campaign and continue to thrive as we all adjust to the current circumstance.