Marketing Automation for lawyers

What is Marketing Automation for Lawyers?

What is the most common question marketing companies hear from law firms? Lawyers want to know how to increase lead volume. While more leads are important, what they often overlook is what they do with those leads. The way a firm responds to leads and handles their intake generally, is often the easiest thing to […]

How Self-Driving Cars are Affecting Liability

How Self-Driving Cars are Affecting Liability

The first question asked after any car accident, other than “are you okay?” is typically about fault. Who is to blame for the accident? And of course, who (or whose insurance) will pay for the damages? And how does this apply to self-driving cars  and are they affecting liability? While the issue of fault will […]

law firm management

5 Tips for Law Firm Intake

Many law firms are blowing it on client intake. A recent “secret shopper” survey of law firms across the country found that more than 40% of law firms never responded to a website inquiry. However, out of the ones who did, 59% responded within 30 minutes. Clearly, when it comes to lead response timing, there […]

Gen Z changing legal landscape

Gen-Z is Changing the Legal Landscape

Every few years, we hear some story about how the younger generation is going to change how the practice of law happens: the younger demographics are going to force the legal industry out of the dark ages, move everything to digital and online, eliminate paperwork and pinstripe suits, yada yada yada. Is GenZ different? Maybe. […]

legal leads

Not All Legal Leads Are Created Equal

We’ve all had that terrible consultation — the consultation that makes you want to start charging astronomical amounts for consultations so you never have to deal with one of these difficult people ever again. The consultation where the person alternates between screaming and crying. The consultation where, of course, they have no money to actually […]