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3 effective call strategies

With modern-business changing every day, many law firms are now making their first impressions to potential clients over the phone instead of in-office meetings. When speaking to a potential client on the phone, you want to make sure that you are not only learning about their case but also assuring the caller that you are the best lawyer to handle their legal matter. Below are 3 strategies that, when implemented, can increase your chances of converting PNC calls into clients.

Answer the call before the third ring

This is a standard rule for marketing experts across many industries, and for a very good reason. When a caller is connected to your office, they are eager to speak with an attorney to discuss their legal issue. Many potential clients are nervous and anxious about their legal matters and may be impatient to sit through multiple rings. While they waiting for you to answer, they may also be sitting in front of their computer looking for the next attorney to call. If you do not answer before the third ring, there is a very real chance that the caller will hang up and dial your competition.

When you speak with a potential client, it is good to have a plan for the call.  You, or your intake team, should develop a call flow in which your intake representative can navigate the call to get as much information as possible, while also answering the questions the caller might have. Utilizing an intake script can help guarantee that you collect the pertinent information while also representing your firm’s brand and mission statement. You also want to make sure that you are friendly and calm when you are speaking with the lead, to help calm the caller’s nerves and also make him feel comfortable sharing the information with you.

Be available to answer the phone

We have all been in the situation where a lead is calling but we are unable to answer the phone. You may be in a meeting with another client or in court handling a case.  Whatever the reason, if you find that you are consistently unavailable to answer your live-call transfers, you may want to consider an alternative person to route those calls to, whether it be an assistant, secretary, or dedicated intake team member. This will make sure live leads connect with a member of your team and don’t end up calling your competitor. While Legal Brand Marketing does transcribe missed live-call leads and send them to you via email, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to connect directly with a live potential client.

Are you interested in receiving live call leads?

Live call leads are a great addition to any lead program. With an effective intake strategy for inbound leads, call leads will help increase your conversions. If you are interested in receiving live-call leads or would like to add live-call leads to your account, contact us to discuss your options. Call leads are exclusive and are available for every practice area.