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Shifting Your Practice Areas

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to new realities for attorneys across the country, some firms may be seeing a lesser amount of cases coming in for practice areas that their firm typically handles. There are fewer drivers on the road, meaning less auto accident cases. Bars and restaurants are closed leading to fewer DUIs. With office buildings shut down and most people working remotely, there may be less work comp claims. To adjust and compensate for the decrease in particular practice areas, many attorneys are shifting their practice to focus on the areas where the demand is on the rise. Below are three practice areas that are projected to have an influx of cases over the next few months.


Over the past nine weeks, over 38.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. With a record number of people out of work, bankruptcy claims are expected to begin to increase dramatically and there will be a high demand for attorneys that can help individuals through the bankruptcy application process. Many people are scared and stressed during these times and will want to work with an experienced attorney. They will need someone to help explain their options, explain the filing process, and serve as a guide along the way. Expanding your practice to take on bankruptcy cases could help grow your client base during these times.

Social Security Disability

With the release of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (The CARES Act), and the Family First Response Act, newly expanded benefits have been established that can have an impact on those receiving or ready to apply for social security benefits. Many individuals will have questions regarding their eligibility and will be looking for legal assistance to secure access to available benefits. With the surge of individuals seeking legal counsel to assist with social security matters, social security disability leads could be a good addition to your current marketing campaign.


Couples living in the new reality of confinement with their spouse on a 24/7 schedule are forced to realize the strengths and also weaknesses of their relationships. Attorneys across the country are seeing a dramatic increase of calls seeking information on divorce. This increase is coming as couples are not only experiencing elevated tensions due to COVID and stress, but many individuals are evaluating their lives during these times and wanting to make changes for a better life. As states begin to reopen, there will be many seeking out an attorney to help them navigate the divorce process.

Legal Brand Marketing Can Help

If you are considering ways to grow your client base or looking to offset a dip in new clients, adding additional practice areas may be the solution. Contact our team today to discuss your options and find the best combination of legal referrals to help grow your business and increase your new clients.