5 Tips to Help Close Legal Referrals

November 1, 2017

While many of our attorneys are experienced in receiving legal referrals, we have found that a lot of attorneys coming in are new to working with lead generation services. To help those that are new and experienced alike, we have put together 5 tips to from firms that have had great success with our legal referral program.

  1. Operate with a Sense of Urgency  If you are using a lead service, responding to referrals the moment they come in in crucial. The potential client is nervous and concerned about their legal matter they want to be connected with an attorney to discuss their situation right away. If you don’t reach out quickly, they are very likely to continue their search for a different attorney and may even be on the phone with your competition before you have responded. Studies have shown that your conversion rate will drop by nearly 50% if you wait longer than 5 minutes to respond to the lead so ACT FAST!
  2. If You Don’t Connect Immediately, Keep Trying If you responded right away and the PNC did not answer, leave a message and then send an email. Schedule a follow-up call for the same day, even as soon as an hour later. Sometimes the potential client has filled out the form from work or on their phone and find themselves in a position in which they cannot discuss their legal matter. Sending an email gives the PNC an opportunity to discretely respond, and the follow-up call may catch them at a better time. Remember, they asked to be contacted by you – your follow up will be appreciated.
  3. Tell Them What Makes You Different  Why do you stand out? Do you have special certifications? Have you gone above and beyond in your training? Do you have any recognitions or awards? All of these things will help to reassure the potential client that you are the best firm to handle their matter. Be ready to convince the potential client that they don’t need to look for another attorney because you are the one for the case.
  4. Have Payment Options Ready Many people in need of an attorney have not gone through the legal process before. They probably haven’t shopped lawyers to have a realistic idea of how much it will cost to have good legal counsel by their side. Because of this, some potential clients may be taken aback when you tell them your legal fees and how much it will cost to take their case. Instead of letting the PNC off the phone to think about it, turn them into a client by offering different payment options or helping them figure out how to come up with your fee.  Talking out payment solutions with the PNC when you first have them on the phone is a quick and easy way to keep them engaged and confident that you are the firm to handle their legal matter.
  5. Follow Up  If after your phone conversation they still want some time to think about hiring you and your firm, make sure to follow-up. Don’t wait too long to send them an email or schedule a follow-up call to invite them to your office. Don’t be afraid to follow-up more than once.  Many potential clients appreciate when you show that you are dedicated to handling their matter and that you seem interested in having them as your client. If there is no follow-up, they may take that opportunity to continue their attorney hunt elsewhere.

For more information on our leads or to discuss your referral program, contact your account representative today.


New Client Portal

As many of you know, Legal Brand Marketing recently introduced a new lead management system that allows clients 24/7 access to lead reports, lead credit reports and billing details. Below you are some highlights about the new system.

  • 24/7 Account Access Rather than waiting till the end-of-the-month to view your total leads, lead credits and amount due, you can now view your lead reports, see your account balance, submit disputes and so much more, all in real-time.


  • Pre-funding – LBM now allows you to fund your account for the expected number of leads you will receive each month. As referrals come in, they will simply be deducted from your account balance. Any remaining credit will roll over to the following month. Your account will replenish automatically once your balance reaches your specified amount.


  • Lead Credit Request You will not submit all lead credit request via your client account. This will allow the LBM team to review and process your request in a timely and organized fashion.


  • New SMS Number for Text Referrals – You can receive leads via text. Don’t receive text leads? If you don’t, contact our team to add SMS leads to your account.

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