5 Tips to Increase Your Lead Conversions - Legal Brand Marketing

Every attorney that utilizes a lead generation service such as Legal Brand Marketing is working towards the ultimate goal of gaining more clients for their firm. Whether you are a seasoned pro that has been using a referral service for years or you are just starting out receiving your first leads, below you will find five tips to help increase your conversions and gain more clients from your leads.

  1. Act With a Sense of Urgency – Did you know that 40% of attorneys take more than 24 hours to respond to their inbound leads? Within this time, the potential client may keep searching for an attorney and already have appointments with your competitors before they have even heard from you.  The faster you are to pick up the phone and call your lead, the higher your chances of converting that lead into a client will be. If you call right away and get a voicemail, make sure to leave a message and then follow up with an email as well.
  2. Be Pleasant, Yet Aggressive – Your first call and email with a lead is your only shot to make a good first impression. Make sure you come across pleasant and understanding, but also be aggressive in explaining why you are the right firm for the job. This potential client has probably reached out to multiple attorneys during their search. You need to make sure they understand why you are the best one for their case and why they should hire you over the rest.
  3. Help Leads Understand the Cost – Many leads that find they need representation for the first time do not understand the hours and time that go into defending a case. Many have never heard of the concept of a retainer nor have knowledge of how attorneys bill. Because of this, some potential clients may get deterred from hiring an attorney as a result of a shock in the price of services. When first discussing your fees with a client, make sure to be clear on what exactly is included in the cost. Help educate them on all you will do for their case, the time it will take you, as well as the potential consequences of going at it without you by their side. This will help the lead better understand why the price is what is as well as make them more comfortable knowing how all of the cost will be spent to help defend their case.
  4. Call Multiple Times – You receive a lead and try calling right away only to get the lead’s voicemail. Many people will find the time to research an attorney and request information while they are in front of a computer at work, which may not be the best (or most appropriate) time for them to take the call. Make sure to leave a message and reference their initial inquiry. If you don’t hear from them shortly, try to give them a call at a different time of the day and then follow up the next day as well. Remember, they reached out because they are in need of your services so if you do not follow up you are missing the chance to convert this lead into a paying client.
  5. Educate Your NonResponsive Leads – If you have tried to call and email your lead and have not received a response, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Try sending an informative and educational email a couple of days later explaining the importance of having an attorney for their case, why you are the right attorney for them and the possible ramifications of taking on their case without an attorney. For many people, when it comes the time that they need an attorney they are confused, scared and overwhelmed. This email could help them realize they do need to speak with you to discuss their case and help convert this lead into a signed client.

While every case is different, we’ve found that the above techniques have helped many of our attorneys achieve a higher conversion rate with their leads. If you would like to discuss more ways to improve your lead conversions or would like to discuss expanding and receiving leads for new practice areas, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. We work with each client to ensure they are getting the most out of their lead program and are always available to discuss your program and needs.