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drunk driving arrests

How will you mark the reopening? Everyone will be affected by the end of the pandemic lockdown differently. Some people will mark the occasion with a return to wholesome activities, like taking their kids to a major-league baseball game and reveling in the atmosphere of tens of thousands of fans screaming at every pitch and play — seriously, you have no idea how much you miss the simple things like five-dollar baseball tickets until they are no longer an option.

For others, a long-awaited reunion with friends and a pub crawl might be the recipe for a great return to normalcy. Or perhaps you head out on a simple date night with one’s soulmate, sharing a fine steak paired with red wine. In your euphoria, you might even accede to the waiter’s request a refill your glass of wine a second, or third time.

We’ve all earned a little stress-free relaxation, but some people will inadvertently take things a little too far and then exercise a little poor judgment by hopping behind the wheel. Think we’re being presumptuous or overdramatic?

Numerous studies have shown an increase in drinking during the lockdown and pandemic as people coped with depression, loneliness, and simple boredom from being blocked in their houses. We have seen driving while impaired rates actually increase, alongside deadly crashes, during the latter parts of the lockdown as a result. Add in the likely feelings of elation and celebration that will come when people are finally able to connect in public places with their loved ones and friends that they have not seen in years, and it is a recipe for getting too carried away.

We hope nobody makes that mistake, but we know all too well that it will happen. Drinking goes up in the worst of times, and it goes up in the most celebratory of times, and already we are seeing signs of drunk driving arrests rates spiking even further in areas of the country that have fully reopened. In Washoe County, Nevada, drunk driving arrests are up 15.7% in 2021 over 2019 (and up even more over 2020, which saw a slight reduction from 2019). Through the end of May, the big island in Hawaii saw an unfathomable 44.5% increase in DUI arrests year over year.

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